Waking up never felt so easy. In this brand new world, I’ll grow stronger than I ever was before. 

While waiting for the sun to rise again, I start to contemplate my life thus far, and if I honestly think the route I’m about to take is the correct one. Being born crippled isn’t anyone’s definition of a fairytale, but having a loving caring family like mine is surely something anyone would wish for. Awakening up to a cute sister shaking you tenderly, and then helping you get to the kitchen to eat some of mother’s delicious breakfast is surely one of my favorite times of the day. Remaining at home while using the computer trying my best to become helpful to my family is certainly my goal in life. When my little sister comes back home from school, she takes care of me by pushing my wheelchair around. While I can move with the <HOVERCAR>; being pushed by my lovely little sister is wonderful in its own way. While reminiscing, the <TRANSCAR> has already arrived at my destination. Activating the <HOVERCAR> takes a lot longer than I’m used to, doing it all by myself is always more challenging than I ever remember, and it helps me realize how lucky I was to have such a caring family.